TITLE: Blurred Vision

AUTHOR BIO: Venting how I felt in life via poetry was a healthy exercise in aiding my daily struggles. After becoming published (and my love of short stories), I decided to combine and enhance my writing. A novel seemed the next logical step.
MAIN CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: There are six characters that range from a General, a Professor, an insane man, a suicidal man, a grungy teenager and a nobody.
MAIN VILLAIN DESCRIPTION: The Greys – a sadistic and ruthless seven feet tall spindly species intent on causing pain and suffering.
FREE PARAGRAPH: This a sci-fi horror novel based on fear and paranoia. The Greys are a torturous race, intent on destruction. The reader sees how the human psyche remains strong in some, and crumbles in others. The back stories of each character show their lives prior to abduction.
BEST ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WRITING: Just go for it. No matter how good or bad it sounds just write/type it out and then edit/add/change everything afterwards. Once you have that initial skeleton down, then you can flesh it out as you go.
VIDEO: See images
LINKS: Blurred Vision: Blurred Vision: Seven billion voices about to be silencedamazon.co.uk/dp/B01LWY2AAO/
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