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     Inspiration is a funny thing. It can and most probably will jump out at the oddest of times, in the oddest of places. I believe inspiration can be a fickle thing visiting people when it chooses.

     I had been thinking of my characters for the Women of the Grey series for two years. Many nights while my home snoozed I laid in bed twisting and turning the story of these women around my noggin. My characters and concept for my series seemed to always be at arm’s reach, something I never could get my fingertips on.

     I could see the story in my head; the story of these women, alien women that were not very wicked, but most assuredly were not keen to being nice. There was an attitude to these women, a swagger to their ways. This much I knew.

     I questioned myself “was I one of these women?” If so why couldn’t I fold and give in to the story already. I had no answers.

     I have learned that a concept for a story isn’t enough. The story needs more than an outline. Books need more than situation, villain, hero, or love affair. 

     There needs to be that moment of inspiration, when everything even for a brief second becomes crystal clear.  My moment came on a lazy Sunday afternoon, from Youtube. Yes, Youtube that vacuum of crap that rotates around our planet lead me to my Women of the Grey series.

     I was watching music videos from one of my favorite bands, The Pretty Reckless. When I played Miss Nothing everything came together. At this point you might be thinking that I am truly douchey and full of BS. I am most assuredly not.

     There was apathy to the lyrics of Miss Nothing and an attitude to Taylor Momsen’s stride in the music video that kicked my gut.  Inspiration for my main character Lisa poured into my skull, all the light bulbs in the house blew and the fires in hell went out for at least 3 minutes.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Point is, it all came together.

     My Women of the Grey series is known for being dark and mysterious. I strive to keep my readers guessing. I love creeping people out in a good way, not an Uncle that touches your shoulders too much way. 

     Most importantly in my Women of the Grey series and all my work is an emotional connection. I want the reader to feel the emotions these women have about each other and humans. I also want readers who come across articles like this to feel a connection, to myself the writer.

     Check out the Women of the Grey series for its creepy horror that flirts with science fiction, but stay for the emotional connection that will have the reader questioning the depth of their character and those around them.


     Carol James Marshall is a new adult author that dabbles in science fiction and horror. Starburst book 1 is available as an eBook, paperback and audiobook.  Red drug book 2 is an eBook, paperback and is in production at audible. Stainless Steel book 3 in the Women of the Grey series will become available Jan 2018. Mr. Marshal is currently writing The Demon Dealer an independent horror novel that is a nod to the great Stephen King and the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Also have a peek at Barflies a memoir series that is a 100 percent non-fiction on

The Cooked Beast podcast where Ms. Marshall will be reading her Barflies series, short stories, excerpts and the like will be going live in June. 

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