“Nebrix Galaxy The Spirit” by Kim Evans


Nebrix Galaxy The Spirit


      Nebrix Galaxy: The SPIRIT is the first book of a space opera series called Nebrix Galaxy. The series is set in a distant galaxy called Nebrix whose society is very much like that of our planet but with a much higher level of technology.
The primary goal of the novel was to drive home the idea that in times of crisis maybe it’s not the saints or holier than thou good guys who will save us but instead those bad guys who have seen the alleys in their dark operations and know the real psychology of being a villain.
Nebrix galaxy is facing an apocalypse about to be effected by a monster using a bio-software called The SPIRIT. A group of cyber-reincarnates(Their reincarnation is effected by a computer program) are the only hope to stop the monster. They reincarnate to save the galaxy each time the galaxy is faced by some grave danger and they have always won against the monster in their past reincarnations. But in their current reincarnation, they don’t have an idea who they are. Some are assassins, others are working for the very monster, others are dead while others are in the worst prisons in the galaxy for having stabbed their girlfriends on their wedding day. But the fact that they aren’t aware of the monster doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of them. He is in fact manipulating them secretly and knows each step that everyone of them is going to take. By the time they realize who they’re, the monster is almost too far to be stopped. He mocks every step they make by showing them how he had planned it himself. But the reincarnates don’t give up. They’ve to fight.
      Kim Evans is a young author and a student currently pursuing a degree in Actuarial science in Meru University of Science and Technology in Kenya. Between being an actuary and a writer, my real passion is in being a writer and specifically a science fiction writer. I feel that there is nothing that gives me a bigger happiness than completing a story. I have written a couple of short stories and recently I finished my first novel, Nebrix Galaxy: The SPIRIT.

Kim Evans



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