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About Birdy Rivers

I started writing at a young age and over the years it has become an important part of my life. I love writing, it has saved my life on a few occasions and helped me deal with some very difficult times in my life. I always put pieces of me and my life in my writing.  Along with writing I’m a huge book worm and when I’m not writing I’m reading. I’m always doing one or the other.

I’m also a huge music person. I’m a classically trained singer. I normally listen to music when I write. I even have specific setlist for writing my books. I normally pick songs that remind me of the story or the characters. I’m a huge rock and roll and metal head so most of everything on my itunes is in that genera except for a few musicals, some classical music and a few other random songs or artist that caught my attention.

For me writing is a huge outlet to help my through some difficult things in my life. One of the things that writing helps me with is my depression, anxiety and PTSD. Writing has been an outlet for my mental illness that has helped me over the years. Writing also helped me when my brother OD and I was having a hard time dealing with his death. Writing is therapy for me and I just love it. My mind is always bouncing around with ideas, sometimes they turn into something and other times they don’t. I’m a very creative and imaginative person which is probably why I love paranormal, fantasy and science fiction so much.

I hope to reach and touch people with my writing. Not only does writing help me but I hope that my stories can help and inspire others. I like to help other people and have become very involved with helping teens with depression, anxiety and self-harm tendencies. I also help with suicide prevention. I’m also a medical assistant and I love being in the medical field and helping people.

So that is just a little bit about me and what I like. There’s so much more I could write but I know you don’t want to read a whole book about my life and what I love which is why I’m just giving a basic background on myself. If you want to know more about me please check out my facebook pages and I hope you all enjoy the Shatter Me: A Magical Tale Series.

Love Birdy Rivers

Excerpt from Book

Excerpt from Shatter Me: The Awakening (Book 1)


What happens when the illusion of the life you knew is shattered? Do you let it break you or make you? Is it going to be fight or flight? The choice is overwhelming and anxiety threatens to take over. When the illusion is shattered and reality takes over what will be left of the girl I once knew? Everything has changed, nothing is what it was and nothing is as it seems. How does one move on from being shattered into a million different pieces? What do you do when you find out everything you knew was a lie and one after another the life you thought you knew is replaced by something new? I wonder if the things that replace the old are just another illusion waiting to be shattered? Life has shattered me into a million different pieces that I’m trying to pick up and put back together. One moment life seems perfect only to be shattered by the harsh reality that nothing is as it seems and nothing will be as it was.

We all want to be different, to be something special but what happens when you find out you really are different? That you really are something special?  I’ve dreamed of being someone important but now that I am someone important I realize it’s just another illusion that has been shattered. How can I move on from the terrible things that have been done to me and to my loved ones? What happens to me when it’s all done and over with? How does one go back to being normal after being through hell? That’s the part no one ever thinks about. What happens to the hero after they save the world? I wonder how shattered and broken I will be when this is all over. I wonder if I will even recognize the girl looking back at me from the mirror? Will I heal or will I  just remain the shattered pieces of who I once was.

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