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Tom Fallwell retired from developing software in late 2014, and found he had more time on his hands then he had for many years. With some encouragement from friends and relatives he decided to begin writing the stories that always seemed to fill his mind, but never found time to make it into a form others could enjoy. So, with help from many, he ventured into the realm of novelist.

Now at the age of 65, Tom lives in Oklahoma, in a suburb of Oklahoma City, and enjoys gaming, movies and reading. He writes full-time, mostly, and publishes his own work as a self-published, indie author. He is active online and in church as an adult Sunday School teacher, and running the sound system. He loves music and arts as well.

Tom’s fantasy series, Rangers of Laerean, has received some great reviews and accolades. The first book in the series is A Whisper in the Shadows. This book tells a complete tale, but also begins and epic journey for the main character, Baric. Baric is a giant of a man, with a true hero’s heart and an indomitable will. His journey begins with but a whisper, with a young female assassin from Vaar’da who is having recurring nightmares, and her name is Whisper. When she and Baric seek the source of her dreams, they find a powerful threat to their entire world, then gather a small army of Rangers to delve deep into the territory of the demonic Manenase, under the great volcano, Mount Scorch.

The second book of the series, Where Shadows Fall, finds the Rangers having to deal with a deadly and horrific dragon called Doomrage. The dragon is made of shadow and flame, not of physical substance, and Baric learns the dragon also holds the soul of someone he loves as a prisoner. If that weren’t enough, a deadly cult that seems to worship the dragon seeks to destroy the Rangers and the peace of all Hir, and the Rangers find themselves betrayed by those they would least suspect.

The third book, The Shadow of Narwyrm, and the epic conclusion of the master tale that began in the first book, finds Baric and his companions on a quest to find an artifact of great power from the distant past. Something that will allow them to finally destroy Doomrage. But during that quest, the world of Hir discovers a new threat, as the armies of the demons, the Manenase, began to build up in preparation of total war with all of civilization. The many threads of the books come together in a final and action-packed climax that will leave you breathless.


Here is an excerpt from The Shadow of Narwyrm:

Seeing his chance, Baric moved with as much speed as he could muster, and vaulted toward the shrew with Mithodris held high to deliver a slashing attack that he hoped would end the confrontation. Ratcur was faster than Baric anticipated, and drew himself back to avoid the Ranger’s assault. Mithodris failed to connect with Ratcur’s neck, as Baric had intended, but the blade did graze along his hindquarter, leaving behind a deep and painful wound from which fresh blood flowed freely onto the already bloody, moss-covered ground.

Ratcur darted toward Baric, only to find his razor-edged sword held up before the Ranger in a defensive stance, and the Mythica pulled up short of his attack. The giant shrew leaped backwards to avoid a counter-strike from Baric, fearing the sharpness of the giant blade.

Sainsha saw a chance to strike. As Ramura realized what she was about to do, he leapt forward toward Baric, knocking him aside and out of the way. With the utterance of arcane words and her hands held high, Sainsha suddenly dropped her hands with a swift movement.

“Dec’ba!” shouted Sainsha, finishing the spell she was casting.

Ratcur recognized the word. He had heard it before, long ago, and drew back briefly in fear, but too late. A rumbling sound came from overhead, out of the clear sky, followed by a deafening and thunderous blast that left everyone’s ears ringing, as if the very air where they stood had exploded in a violent eruption. The brilliant flash that accompanied that sound blinded them all as a great bolt of lightning split the scene.


While the books he has written thus far are in the Epic Fantasy/YA Fantasy genre, his current works-in-progress are modern-day tales of intrigue and suspense that involves a bit of many genres, including Science-fiction and Fantasy.

Tom is also writing a monthly episodic serial for SciFan Magazine entitled, Stormguard: The Invisible War. This series follows the adventures of two guardian angels trying to prevent Lucifer and his Fallen from destroying all of mankind in a cataclysmic event. Each month, beginning with the January Issue, is a new episode in the story.

Another project in the works is the complete rewriting of his first novel, Dragon Rising. Having developed his own writing style over the years, and learning much about writing and publishing, Tom is creating an improved and expanded story for the heroine Delina, entitled The Dragonblood Throne: Legacy, which will be out later in 2017.

Tom is always happy to connect with both readers and authors. Pay him a visit on his Facebook page, or at his website, or visit his Patreon page and consider becoming a patron for his work.


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