Telling a story requires more than just imagination. It requires patience and determination as well. Writers have to be persistent to finish a story from beginning to end, and they must be willing to face any obstacles that may arise to keep that determined mindset. Sure, almost anyone can sit down and spin a tale, perhaps even one that entertains the listeners or readers, but to be a story that people will remember requires more.

This is the life of a novelist. One that requires the determination to tell not just a story, but a good story, perhaps even a great story. It takes time to write it all down on paper (or computer screen) and a willingness to keep going, pushing through all barriers, until the tale is complete.

I experienced all this writing my trilogy for my Rangers of Laerean series. The whole story can be read in hours, but there are many months of work behind it all. Even so, the gratifying sense of completion was a grand and wonderful feeling, and then to see it all in print was just amazing. Can a writer ask for more? Some may, but I think not.

The trilogy consists of A Whisper in the Shadows, Where Shadows Fall, and The Shadow of Narwyrm. Three books that take up about three years of my life, but I am happy to say it was time well spent. If you like epic adventure and fantasy, I think you will enjoy these books, and I invite you to read and share your experience with me. The links below will show you how to keep in touch with me, and find my books.

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